The Desolation of a Dream

The Pitch 2016

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In the contemporary world of corporate power and prestige, Grace Abaddon reigns supreme as one of the top ranking and most glorified businesswomen in London. Her respectability unmatched, Abaddon’s grip on-top of the corporate ladder abruptly comes to an end at a ceremonial event in her honour, by the deliverer of dreams, Calvin Axel. Everything Grace has ever worked for; desires of material and economic gains that she strived toward, crumbles to ash. Everything, unwritten. But why? 

 In this art-house character study, we unravel the underhanded and innermost motivations that were really in place preceding Grace’s fall from power. In reverse chronological order, we discover how one woman, lost in her blind ambition and desire for material, influential and corporate power as far as her imaginary eye could see, had come to her by just asking for it, calling on Calvin Axel, the deliverer of dreams, in a trade off that at any time, she will pay a price. We uncover a humane, honest and more righteous Grace Abaddon, and how her human nature self imploded in her scandalous quest for power. This is The Desolation Of A Dream.

Biblical Connection

In the First Epistle of Paul to Timothy in The New Testament, Paul’s mentorship to the young pastor concerns itself with the temptation of riches in chapter 6 verse 9; where ‘temptation’ therein, ensues ‘destruction and perdition’. For a contemporary audience, such relevancy in the biblical passage rests on our all too common misconstrued perception of success. Where we are so concerned about attaining success quickly, just as much as presenting to the accessible world our alleged successes, our efforts along the way may only come to ruin us spiritually, in the heart and mind, and bring more melancholy than any real innate fulfilment.

 Timothy 6:9 is a universally understood parable, whereby the character Grace Abaddon knew innocence, good will and righteousness, and her insatiable desire for the riches in her physical world bring her to her demise. In other words, she abandons her grace for the etherial, and for the dream. Like Paul to Timothy, we should ensure in this lifetime to mentor ourselves, and count our personal successes as well as our life lessons, and seek like for Christianity, to ever evolve the spirit more so than our material wealth.