The Day After

Created by Jermaine Wong, The Pitch 2017

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Rape, disease, and murder. The whole plight of downtrodden human existence can be traced back to one fatal decision. Mankind's choice to go against his Maker. But what would cause Adam, the crowning act of creation, to choose to go against The Abba? Set in a post-Edenic time zone. It is the day after the representatives of humanity have been cast out of their perfect home. “How do we get back in?” is the desperate question etched on Adam’s face as he stands just beyond the gate to his lost home. God is not responding anymore. Will he ever respond again? How will they survive without his protection? The only other person alive to point the blame at is the Woman. Eve. The Day After explores the often-overlooked experience of Adam and Eve on the day they have been cast out of perfect Eden. This new world is the setting for humankind’s many firsts; our first feelings of despair, our first disappointment and our first need for forgiveness. Follow the Earth’s first couple as they flashback to the reasons for their fall while coming to terms with the reality that all they have now, is each other.

Biblical Connection

For the Creationist, the human origin story begins in the book of Genesis. “Male and female He (God) created them.” In the account, God creates the beautiful Heavens and the magnificent Earth. But the crowning act of His masterpiece was the creation of Mankind. Adam. Even though surrounded by the splendor of creation, Adam could not feel complete without having an equal to share his awesome blessing with. For this, he was granted his ultimate “flesh of my flesh” heart's desire. Woman. The Day After draws its inspiration from this biblical account and in particular, the account of the fall of Adam and Eve as depicted in Genesis chapter 3. The interesting thing about The Day After is a story that it explores the often-overlooked gap between the end of Genesis chapter 3 and the beginning of Genesis chapter 4. The Day After is a story about what happens in that gap. How strong is Adam’s desire to get back home versus his desire for his Woman, Eve? What inner obstacles did they have to overcome to finally come together and start a new life without the perfection of Eden?