The Cure

Created by Mingyu Lin, The Pitch 2013

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Set in a futuristic world where world hunger and poverty have been solved. However, 5 years ago a highly contagious and drastically fatal strain of the H1N1 virus spread across the globe. The disease is incurable and the pandemic sparks global panic. To combat the spread, people are constantly scanned and those under suspicion of infection are immediately dragged away to be quarantined in Ninevah, the city of infected. There they are left to die, being sent to Ninevah is akin to a death sentence. Since the advent of the disease a number of large corporations have grown rich and influential from research grants and by selling false cures and medication that only suppresses symptoms. Dr Jonas is a medical researcher searching for the cure and when he finds it he realises that the large corporations will come after him. Afraid, he checks himself into a mental institute, where he hopes that his act of insanity will keep him safe. However, the corporations track him down and chase him out of the asylum and eventually he realises that only he can save the people of Ninevah. Despite the danger, he enters Ninevah himself with the cure to liberate the city.

Biblical Connection

This pitch is inspired by the Old Testament account of the prophet Jonah. Just like the prophet Jonah (who was given a message from God to the Ninevites to warn to turn from their sins), Doctor Jonas finds himself suddenly entrusted with the means to save a city of people. The prophet Jonah reacted by attempting to run away from God and hence to outsmart God in a sense but was outwitted at every turn, the boat he had attempted to escape on was caught in a storm and even when he was thrown overboard God didn’t let him die without finishing his mission but instead swallowed him up within the belly of a big fish. Doctor Jonas also runs away from his mission and the big fish in this pitch is represented by the mental institution, where life is not ideal but at least Jonas believes that there he is safe. When the corporations continue to come after him, Jonas (like the prophet Jonah) realises that there is no running away from his duty. He realises what he must do and ultimately, like Jonah, makes the decision to save the city of Ninevah.