The Crane

Created by Gavin Daniel, The Pitch 2024

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Logline: ‘The Crane’ is a modern allegorical tale about a crane operator who believes he can hear the voice of God from his crane cabin in the sky. Premise: Sam is a crane operator, most comfortable high up in his cabin, isolated from the world. One day, he sees the boss’ sons, Hoph and Phin, in a shady cash deal. Soon after, a voice crackles over the radio. Thinking it\'s his boss Eli, he tries to tune out the static. Suspecting it’s a crossed wire, he disregards it. The next day, the voice returns—claiming to be God. Convinced his co-workers are pranking him, Sam confronts them. Tensions rise until Eli intervenes, jokingly telling Sam to reply, “Speak, Lord, for your servant is listening.” Sam does so, and the voice reveals itself to be God and informs Sam of the corruption on-site and use of inferior materials. Faced with a choice, Sam confronts Eli about his sons, endangering himself. Once proving his divine connection, the film ends with townspeople lining up to speak to the crane operator who can hear the word of God.

Biblical Connection

Inspired by the Book of Samuel, my adaptation follows Sam, a crane operator who hears the voice of God. I\'ve shifted the setting from the priesthood to a construction site, where power and authority are well-defined. When Samuel first hears God\'s voice in the original story, it reminds me of how we all grapple with understanding our deeper callings — be it religious, moral, or the whispers of our conscience. Moreover, it brings to light the courage needed to stand up to those in power when there\'s often so much to lose personally. This is a part of the story that deeply resonates with me. I\'ve given God a female voice, pushing against the confines of male-dominated narratives and challenging a patriarchal society\'s norms. The film ends much like the original text, with Sam using his newfound wisdom to help others, fostering a better community in the process.