The Choice

Created by Titas Petrikis, The Pitch 2013

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Mr. Job is the head of a pharmaceutical corporation in the Eastern Europe. Although he could make a lot of money by selling untested products, Mr. Job is a righteous person, who does not make unfair business. One day Job’s world is attacked by terrorists: his corporate headquarters is exploded; Job himself is captured by Shatan - the leader of the terrorists. Shatan hates Job because he believes Job could have done more to help the Ukrainian community to deal with the consequences of Chernobyl. Job is given poison which slowly kills him. Despite the captivity, Job holds on his moral principles. The torture makes him question his belief, and he starts to look for a better connection with God. At the moment when there is no hope for Job’s survival, the UN forces break in and rescue him. Job sees the dire cost of his liberation – dead soldiers, terrorists, and children. This affects Job greatly and he devotes himself to work on ways how to help the suffering Ukrainian people from radiation.

Biblical Connection

This story has a tight connection to the Biblical Book of Job. The core link is similar main character’s belief and ambition. In the Bible, Job is a rich and righteous person, but his conviction that living according to the rule of God will bring salvation is false. God sends him a probation, and Job almost fails to take this challenge. Job learns that it is God who leads to salvation, not human knowledge or pious life style. Similarly, in my story Mr. Job learns it is not enough to be righteous. One must seek to be open-minded and empathic; be ready to accept God’s will any time. The film has also several cinematic connections to the events that take place in the Bible. Mr. Job has ten close advisers (seven men and three women who are his children in the Bible), who perish in a storm (the explosion in film). Mr. Job receives similar torture on his body affected by poison; then he is cured and returns back to life. This connection is my conscious decision, because the story developed from the inspiration how to convey Job’s character from the Bible to modern times.