The Boy Who Dressed in White

Created by Leo Powell, The Pitch 2023

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The story follows the lives of two friends, Derek and the Boy who Dressed in White. Both boys were born to parents who are good friends and it was assumed that Derek and the Boy who Dressed in White would naturally become friends. However, when both boys reach primary school, Derek would display bullying behaviour towards the Boy who Dressed in White, but he would not be phased. Derek's behaviour towards the Boy who Dressed in white continues into secondary school, where Derek would eventually be excluded. Whilst excluded, Derek resorts to crime and is arrested and sent to prison. Upon release he encounters a relative of the person he robbed, but the Boy who Dressed in White, dives in front of Derek to save him from a moving bullet. It is from this moment that Derek's life changes, as he is shocked that the boy he treated badly and rejected would give up his life for him. The Boy who Dressed in White is in a coma, and after 3 days he wakes and Derek is in the hospital beside him waiting, where he decides to leave his old life and become his friend and follow his ways.

Biblical Connection

My story is based on the book of Matthew 27 and 28 where we see the last days of Jesus - the lead up to his crucifixion and his resurrection. I wanted to demonstrate the way Jesus was mistreated, beaten, rejected and ridiculed, but to also demonstrate the love he had for those people who did this to him. It was important to show that no matter how Jesus was treated, he still loved and forgave those who did these awful things to him. The best way I knew to demonstrate this, would be to set the story in an urban setting like London and use two boys to bring across this message in a real, gritty and heart warming way. One of the boys is Derek and he is the one who would mistreat, hit, reject and ridicule the other boy, who we only know as The Boy who dressed in white and he represents Jesus. We also see glimpses of Isaiah 53 where it says He was led like a lamb to the slaughter. And as a sheep is silent before the shearers, he did not open his mouth..