The Book of Ruth

Created by Jason Parker, The Pitch 2017

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The Book of Ruth tells the story of Ruth, a woman widowed at a young age that must now care for her ailing stepmother. While Ruth cares deeply for her stepmother, the financial pressures and nature of her stepmother’s care begin to take their toll on her. In a moment of desperation, Ruth turns to crime in order to provide her stepmother with the medication she so vitally needs. But then, a factory owner named Boaz catches Ruth in the act. When quizzed by Boaz about why she was trying to steal medical supplies from him, Ruth reproaches him claiming he has no idea what life for her is like. Yet, as the story unfolds, Ruth begins to question her preconceptions and discovers just what Boaz is capable of.

Biblical Connection

The Book of Ruth is, perhaps unsurprisingly, based on the book of Ruth from The Old Testament. It is a modern day retelling of Ruth: Chapter 2, which in my eyes is a story of kindness, compassion, and the powerful taking responsibility for the weak. It also promotes the idea that the love you show to others will be returned to you in unforeseen ways, which is a concept many of us have held close to our hearts for over two thousand years. It’s a great story and one that retains as much relevance today as it has ever done.