The Beginning of the End

Created by Miriam Vaught, The Pitch 2012

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Nothing in heaven or on earth can rival the bond between two friends.The Beginning of the End is a film about broken friendship and the sorrow that loss will bring. Breakout stars, Amy Horowitz and Ariel Morgan fill the screen, as Megan and Jess, best friends and confidantes who find their friendship breaking apart when Jess inexplicably disappears. Megan realizes what her friend and teacher brought to her life and is on the edge of losing hope. But when hope is almost lost, friendship is renewed, keeping the memories and the faith in each other strong and everlasting.

Biblical Connection

When Jesus died, he left behind his group of disciples, a group of men dedicated to Him and His teachings, now without their teacher, forced to live life alone. This film focuses on the three days that passed by when Jesus was buried, and reveals the emotion and sorrow that the disciples faced. John 20:19-23 states that the disciples locked themselves indoors, in fear of the Jews until Jesus' resurrection. No one will ever know what was burning in their minds during those 72 hours, but this film attempts to recreate one of the many possibilities, but within a present day setting. Loss of loved ones is something everyone has to cope with, and this story reminds us to have hope in the future, believing that everything will one day be okay.