The Baby Shower

Created by Beth and Jamarl Billy, The Pitch 2024

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Our film tells the story of a couple attending their best friend\'s baby shower, while struggling to conceive a child of their own. Throughout the day they are confronted by a series of visceral encounters that draw raw emotions to the surface and threaten to disrupt their ability to cope. The best friend represents what they desire most for themselves, and they do their best to celebrate her whilst feeling a deep sense of pain and guilt. Finally, emotions boil over and they feel they have to leave. The film concludes with the couple back at home where they started. They open up about how they\'ve been feeling and reaffirm their love and commitment for each other.

Biblical Connection

We are adapting the story of Abraham and Sarah trying to conceive a child in Genesis. We want to tell a modern day story of how difficult it must have been for the couple, and particularly Sarah who witnessed Hagar carrying a child when she could not. Our story is centred around a baby shower, where our main character represents the character of Hannah and the best friend represents the character of Hagar.