Created by Varujan Smallwood, The Pitch 2012

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England, 1977. A tragic accident leaves Mara (Jamaican music teacher) and Ruth (singer in a punk band) bereaved. Caught between two worlds they make a pact, vowing to share life's bitter way together. Mara and Ruth have nothing but intuition and friendship to hold on to. But that’s enough. Ruth finds herself under the protection of Boaz (Dred song-writer). He sees nobility in the two women's friendship and Ruth sees his noble heart. She 'covers' one of his secret songs and shows her true feelings. But this match kicks up a storm and Boaz has to fight for his love. Music gets mixed up before love gets fixed up! sweet.

Biblical Connection

Ruth is a story about how friendship can change the world - how women can change the world. God's most powerful work gets done behind the scenes through people who shouldn't even know each other, let alone become friends. Moabite women like Ruth have a bad reputation in ancient Israel so her central position in God's drama is even more surprising. But first and foremost it's the love story, full of charm and suspense, which drives this plot and conceals a deeper redemptive process. We enjoy the turnaround as bitter becomes sweet, we delight in love fulfilled and join in the party. What we barely notice is that through all this the whole nation has undergone renewal and the world is about to be saved. Like Naomi's family, who left the Promised Land to find employment in an oppressive nation, Mara's family migrated from Jamaica in the early 1960s to find work in England (the 'Mother country'). A legacy of slavery and now a present experience of exile gives rise to a crisis of identity. But as the destiny (and music!) of Mara, Ruth and Boaz becomes interwoven there is a coming of age for each of them and for their communities.