Stavros & Demetra

Created by Olga Thompson, The Pitch 2024

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In the neon-lit, hairspray-infused world of 1980s Hornsey, London, Demetra, the plump, monobrowed daughter of Greek hairdresser immigrants, battles bullies and bizarre family customs. Her wardrobe features ankle-length skirts, relentless garlic breath, and an unfortunate moustache. Demetra hatches a plan with her eccentric best friend for a dazzling \'80s makeover, aiming to seduce Stavros, the school heartthrob and her tormentor. As they prepare for their audacious mission, Demetra\'s Baba issues dire warnings about waxing, equating it to promiscuity and impending pregnancy. Armed with padded shoulders and a newly waxed upper lip, Demetra lures Stavros into her parents\' salon under the cloak of night. But her true agenda isn\'t romance; it\'s hair warfare. Demetra unleashes her secret weapon, a scorching curling iron, leaving Stavros\'s hair in ruins. In retaliation, Stavros deploys a perm roller like a catapult, sparking a hair-raising battle. Bobby pins fly like arrows, bleach becomes an explosive, and hairspray ignites into flames. Amidst the chaos, Demetra\'s oblivious Baba emerges in his nightgown, fixated on one thing: her moustache. The salon transforms into the backdrop for this absurd dark \'80s comedy, blending nostalgia with a hair-raising quest for revenge.

Biblical Connection

\"Stavros and Demetra\" draws inspiration from the timeless saga of Samson in Judges 13-16, a tale woven with deceit, treachery, and vengeance. Samson\'s life forms a relentless cycle of betrayal and deception, fuelling his burning desire for revenge against all who wronged him. However, this narrative teaches us that revenge is a futile game, leaving no true victors in its wake. Samson\'s shallow and vengeful nature is evident in his sulking when things didn’t go his way. He believed he had the right to retribution (Judges 15:3,11). Stavros and Demetra personify different facets of Samson\'s quest for retribution, but they all grapple with the underlying issue – the impossibility of truly achieving revenge. Revenge serves as the prologue to an unending battle, where violence inevitably begets more violence, leaving everyone worse off than before. Just as Samson consistently chose vengeance over peace, including his betrayal by Delilah, Stavros retaliates against Demetra, sparking a fiery clash that destroys her parents\' hair salon. While the original text leaves Delilah\'s fate uncertain after her act of betrayal, \"Stavros and Demetra\" envisions a resolution where both characters are equally consumed by their treacherous deeds and relentless pursuit of revenge.