Son Of My Sorrow

Created by Shane Vermooten, The Pitch 2024

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\"Son of My Sorrow\" is a tale of finding love in the aftermath of profound loss. Jamie and Hannah’s journey unfolds through a heartwarming collection of home videos, capturing their shared anticipation as they navigate the highs and lows of pregnancy. Their love radiates in these moments. Inside a London hospital, we witness the culmination of their hopes as Hannah cradles their newborn. Their euphoria is shattered when the baby is suddenly rushed to the ICU and Hannah\'s health teeters. Jamie slowly walks towards the ICU as his world unravels around him. Amid the harsh reality of the ICU, Jamie learns of the shocking death of his beloved Hannah. He must now grapple with profound grief and doubt, as he questions whether he is able to love this child whose caused so much pain. Battling his inner demons, Jamie avoids his son until a neo-natal nurse becomes his unexpected guide. Conversations on love and loss lead him to a crossroads where he must confront his pain. Days pass and he steps back into the sterile chamber of the ICU, he finds the courage to name his child, who gazes up and offers a tender smile—a connection that transcends words.

Biblical Connection

In \"Son of My Sorrow” I am using the story of Jacob and Rachel in Genesis. From reading Genesis we know a few things about their relationship. We know that Jacob loved Rachel very much (Genesis 29:20), we know that Rachel longed for a son (Genesis 30:1), we know that Rachel died during childbirth and with her last breath named her child Benoni, meaning \"son of my sorrow” (Genesis 35:17-18) we also know that Jacob later changed his son’s name to Benjamin meaning “son of my good fortune”. This is the only instance in which Jacob is involved in the naming of a child which suggests that this was something he laboured over. Though unwritten in the original text, our story is inspired by the period of time between Rachel passing away and Jacob renaming his son. This period, as Jacob navigates his dark night of the soul, is rife with the potential for exploration of his internal struggles as he grapples with his pain and questions his capacity to love a child who is a living reminder of his sorrow.