Sodom & Garmorrah

Created by Fennella Best, The Pitch 2012

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Genesis 18 1-33 “The Lord said, “I have heard how terrible evil the people are who live in Sodom.” This reenactment of Sodom & Gahmorra is set in a tiny community in Barbados called Eden Lodge. The people there have gone from caring about each other, to caring only about themselves. Abraham is discussing with Christian the morals of values of this community. Christian sees only sin so wants to destroy it. Abrarham is trying to convince Christian that there are good people there, and it should be saved. Christian wants Raphel and Michael to seek people with good morals and values, then he will save it. Raphael and Michael are treated badly by everyone they encounter, they knock on Lot’s door. Lot and his family of four welcome them and showed them kindness. This family is not enough to save Eden Lodge, Christian allows a hurricane to approach. Raphael tries to warn Lot of the danger, Lot tries to lead his family to safety but his wife has tied her life of her community – she looks back, pauses, just then winds pick up and lift her into the sea, Eden Lodge is destroyed, Lot takes his daughters to safety.

Biblical Connection

Genesis 18 1-33 , "I have heard how terribly evil the people are who live in Sodom. If it is true, then I will destroy that place". This old testament story is about God's position on sin. God was upset with the people in the town of Sodom, God's solution was to destroy this city, but Abraham believed with all his heart that there was still good people in this city. God sent two arch angles to find at least ten good people then he will save Sodom. They only found four, Lot, Sarah and his two daughters, who welcomed these strangers into their home and treated them kindness. The arch angles left and reported back to God and Abraham that they could only find four good people in that. The Arch Angels where sent back to warn Lot and his family of God’s decision to destroy the city. Lot did not want to leave Sodom but the Arch Angels took him and his family to the city gate and told them to run as fast as they can and not look back. Sarah looked back and turned into a pillar of salt, while lot and his daughters continued on.