Created by Dan Baboulene, The Pitch 2016

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Sing is a feel good film about David (28), a composer with a big commission ahead, and his mother, who has become a burden on him since becoming ill. The film is comedic, and she is a pain in the manner of Lady in a Van, whilst David is a dreamer composer alike Walter Mitty. David lives with his mother and plays her music in the evenings to calm her from her illness. The conductor and commissioner are grumpy and contradictory to comic and bewildering effect. When Davids mother's health takes a turn for the worse and the commissioner asks David to rewrite the piece, David writes a powerful piece of music to the words of Psalm 23 which so soothes his mother, that in the climax of the piece, she sits up in the auditorium and her illness seems to temporarily recede. Her stresses seem to leave her and David sees her happy, as he remembers her, in an uplifting and unexpectedly touching ending to a fun and comedic film.

Biblical Connection

In the Bible David is a musician who is asked to play harp for King Saul, and when he does so the King is calmed and soothed from the evil spirits which trouble him. 'When Saul was seized with anguish and mental agitation, David came to him and produced on his harp the melodious and restful refrains that calmed the heart of the king. The dark thoughts that haunted Saul vanished, and his agitation left him. 1 Samuel 16:16- Let our lord, please, command your servants before you to look for a man who is skilled at playing the harp. Whenever a bad spirit from God comes upon you, he will play it, and you will feel better.' So in Sing, David is also a musician, and Saul's mental agitation is represented by David's mothers' illness. In addition, the use of Psalm 23 makes this film a commission of a modern day rendition of a biblical song, as well as a making of a movie! The power of music to move people and to sooth and calm Saul is used in Sing by David to calm his mother in her illness.