Created by Danielle Scott-Haughton, The Pitch 2013

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"Sheda" is the story of how kept woman outsmarts a devious man in her life to become the most powerful woman in Britain. After the death of her husband under strange circumstances, Sheda is forced into a situation that should bring shame and humiliation to her. Against the odds, Sheda avenges the death of her husband and finds favour and great fortune.

Biblical Connection

Sheda is based on the relationship between Bathsheda and King David in Second Samuel Chapter 11. One day King David is taking a stroll and sees Bathsheda bathing. He desires her, has sex with her and she falls pregnant. But Bathsheda is married and her husband, Uriah is fighting in the war. Desperate to cover his sin, David calls Uriah from war and encourages him to have sex with his wife, but he refuses. Frustrated, David sends word to his general that Uriah is to be put on the frontline in the battle. Uriah is killed at war. Bathsheda suffers a gives birth, however that child dies days after birth. Eventually Bathsheda gives birth to David's son Solomon. When David dies, Bathsheda ensures that it is her son who becomes King and not the next to inherit the throne David's son Adonijah. Bathsheda died as the King Mother, the most powerful woman in Israel & Judah.