Created by Charlotte Nind, The Pitch 2017

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In a looming dystopian future ruled by a corruption of higher powers, there is no longer security in investing in oil, both monetary and for the future of the planet. Emerging solar firms begin to dictate the world, realising with enough money they can improve the technology massively. Tax is drastically increased with the promise of a future with electricity. Little do the working class know these solar farms are destined to be constructed by them. Head of a major solar firm ‘Rob Wolfe’ begins to experience gruelling, repetitive dreams where he is trapped in one of his solar factories amongst slaves. The dream always ends with three lights one by one turning off. His raising concern for the significance of his dream prompts him to talk to his colleagues for advice, one person says it is rumoured a worker ‘Joanna’ can interpret dreams. Joanna says that the three lights turning off represent three years of darkness due to a change in the earth's positioning, the solar panel factory regime will not work and they need to store power. What will Rob do knowing this information?

Biblical Connection

Joseph, who is sold into slavery by his eleven jealous brothers for being the favourite son and talking of dreams where he was the ruler over his brothers. He is a slave in Egypt for a Pharaoh and becomes known for interpreting dreams. The pharaoh has a dream where seven skinny cows eat seven fat cows, worried about the significance of his dream the pharaoh asks Joseph to interpret it. It represents seven years of good harvest followed by seven years of famine. The pharaoh raises Joseph’s social rank and he becomes in charge of food. When his brothers come to Egypt to collect grain during the famine his brothers bow down to him (not recognising him), despite what his brothers did to Joseph he gives them grain. In this story Joanna is forced into slavery by solar farms, she interprets dreams of other workers. When the businessman has gruelling dreams he finds Joanna who interprets them and is offered for her to be ‘promoted in society’ and live in the end of town which is electricity prioritised. She declines unlike Joseph in the story where he appointed this rule, however she still holds the family values like Joseph held.