Created by Aline Conti, The Pitch 2017

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The concept came from wanting to tell the story of a hard working woman who looses everything of importance to her and the journey she takes in building a new life for herself. The loss is triggered by the violent death of her husband, killed by a terrorist attack. I wanted the story to reflect the current political climate and its effects on individual lives. As she feels abandoned by God and betrayed by her people, I also wanted to explore the difference between losing one’s faith and loosing faith in one’s self. The added difficulty in her story is that she chooses to rebuild her life abroad. Although educated and familiar with British culture and laws, she struggles to find her place. I wrote the assault scene in the bus as a wake up call, a realisation that standing up against hatred will be a major drive in her new life and eventually defines her new profession.

Biblical Connection

I based my pitch on the story of Ruth the Moabite, who, after the death of her husband, forsook her people, her kindred, and her country to accompany her mother-in-law Naomi. Ruth confidently met hardships not uncommon in our time—the death of a loved one, loneliness in a new place, and the need to work hard for her bread. In my adaptation, Ruth meets the same challenges but in a world facing increasing terrorism and hate crimes. Ruth’s efforts, linked significantly to a later great event (through her line came Jesus Christ), tell me that each of us can take seriously the importance of our daily lives and decisions. In the case of modern-day Ruth, she will be a great asset in the fight against terrorism. The book of Ruth also contains language poetic in style, reflective of her spirit of determination and courage. In my adaptation, I want to use internal monologues, longer takes and shallow depth of field to portray Ruth’s emotional and psychological journey in a similar poetic style.