Running Water

Created by Alice Johannessen, The Pitch 2024

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Ramona is a security guard at a water treatment facility. In the middle of her shift, she’s visited by an imposing group of men in suits. They’re from the parent company and have heard reports that two men, suspected whistleblowers, have trespassed onto the site looking for evidence. As Ramona tells the suits she removed the men from the site, we reveal that the two whistleblowers are in fact hidden under Ramona’s desk. A tense encounter follows as Ramona tries to conceal the men and convince her superiors she\'s telling the truth. The power dynamic is stark, with Ramona’s job on the line but her quick wit comes out on top. Once clear Ramona helps the two men escape out a window with confidential files in hand. Before they leave Ramona asks: “Why are they so afraid of you?” One of the men shares an answer that’s kept hidden from the audience. We then cut to Ramona running home. She reaches her front lawn to find her nieces playing with a water sprinkler. Panicked, she pulls out the hose and tosses it away. Now she knows the truth about the water, can she protect her family from its deadly effects?

Biblical Connection

Running Water reimagines the story of Joshua 2 where Rahab, a prostitute, conceals two Israelite spies from the King of Jericho and his men. This story is packed with tension as it explores an unlikely alliance. Rahab makes the bold and dangerous choice of siding with her city’s enemies over her King. The story ends with a great escape as the two spies climb out her window and Rahab is promised safety from the coming bloodshed.In this adaptation two whistleblowers, seeking incriminating evidence so they can expose company cover-ups, take the place of the spies. They win the support of Ramona, a security guard, who decides to hide them from company superiors looking to suppress the leak. Ramona’s story parallels Rahab’s as she makes an unlikely hero. Rahab, a prostitute, and a foreigner, is not someone we expect to make the ‘heroes of faith’ list and yet she finds a spot among Noah and Moses. Similarly, Ramona, someone who has been overlooked and undervalued, makes a decision that has monumental effects for her company, family, and community. Like Rahab, she is rewarded with knowledge of the coming danger and the precious time needed to escape it.