Created by Luke Morgan, The Pitch 2023

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Malachy, a modern-day miracle worker, runs a resurrection business with his girlfriend called "Lazarus". For a fee of 25 quid, you can bring along your dead loved one and Malachy will bring them back to life. However, Malachy is dreadfully unhappy with his work; he feels taken for granted, bored, and at a dead end in his life. Blessings, his girlfriend, has taken his downbeat mood to mean one thing: he no longer loves her. When Malachy's glamorous ex-girlfriend turns up and suffers a heart attack on the spot, Malachy is forced to make a choice: continuing the Lazarus company mission that he and Blessings have spent so long building, or resurrect the thing he cares about most: his relationship. "Resurrection" is a short black comedy about life, death, miracles...and throwing it all away for love, despite what others might think.

Biblical Connection

I am adapting the miracle of Lazarus, as told in the Bible by John. What if Jesus existed in the 21st century? Would it change the world again, or would people just post a few videos on tik-tok and then get bored with him? I think people would start feeling entitled to his services. How would that make Jesus feel? With "Resurrection", I wanted to tell a story set in a parallel universe where the messiah is an entrepreneur. But, on top of everything else, he is a human being - and we can all feel a little burnt out every now and then. I was fascinated with the idea of what would happen if, for once, this messiah put his own happiness first.