Created by Johnny Ong, The Pitch 2013

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In the Pitch we outline the Following: - The Biblical Inspiration behind our Story. - Outline of the Synopsis and Message/Theme. - Outline the aim of our Pitch. RAYLESS Synopsis: January 1st 2015 the night of New Years Eve never ends as the sun fails to rise in the New Year. In a world plunged into darkness and filled with fear, the human race turns to greed and desperation to survive a lawless society where violence and crime rules. Rus, a terminally ill young man helps the Missionaries bring food to the hungry and helps spread news of hope. With his cancer worsening and with 2 young sisters to provide for, how long can Rus fight a losing battle? Can one person bring back light to the world? Will the sun ever rise again? All RAYLESS footage seen in the Pitch was Filmed between Jan-April of this year and made into a Teaser Trailer. We also attempted to make a Short out of the Footage but with budget limitations we were not able to execute the look and Epic feel of the film that we feel RAYLESS needs and deserves. If you would like to see this version we can upload via a private link.

Biblical Connection

RAYLESS is a Contemporary, Modern adaptation/re-enactment of the Story of Lazarus from John 11:1-45. Our Protagonist is called RUS, short for LAZARUS, and he also has 2 sisters, MARIA and MARTHA, just like in the Bible. Jesus is JAY in our story and his 12 disciples are the 12 Missionaries who travel around the country with JAY, delivering food, providing health care and spreading good news of hope that light will come back to the world. The strong friendship Jesus had with Lazarus is also reflected in the friendship of JAY and RUS. It is not mentioned what sickness Lazarus died from, but some sources say it may have been Leprosy, which was the equivalent and as terminal/deadly as cancer in Biblical times. With this is mind, RUS in our story dies of Cancer. We added a Sci-Fi element to the story by taking the Sun away from the World after reading another Passage from John 8:12 where Jesus says “I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.” Like Jesus, in RAYLESS JAY miraculously brings RUS back to life but also the physical light back to world.