Created by Eddie Howell, The Pitch 2016

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A little girl left orphaned at birth, with only her aunt to bring her up. ‘Postcards’ is a coming of age drama set in Jamaica during the 60's. This is a time when Jamaica gets independence for the United Kingdom and there is a reason to celebrate on this picture perfect island. However, all is not so perfect in Jamaica, with large amounts of people leaving the island to find a better life in the U.K many children are left behind in the care of their relatives, who are often poor as they are the ones who can’t afford to go to the U.K. The film is fundamentally about, the orphans in Jamaica, and how children cope without parents. We follow a little girl called Esther on her journey, from the moment she knows she has been abandoned, to her overcoming this internal struggle to become a champion of the Jamaican and ethnic minority people in the United Kingdom, where black people are seen as aliens in a country that has claimed ownership over their island for centuries. island centuries.

Biblical Connection

With ‘Postcards’ I’m looking at Esther in her early years. The Bible tells us of Esther the savior of the Jewish people and how she shows great courage to go before the king, but where does this courage come from? Even though she has suffered so much in her life already she is still strong. That is what I would like to look at in the film, a young black female character that overcomes adversity in her early years. A story about the making of a heroine, the human side to her. I’d reimagine Esther in 20th century Jamaica, to relate the struggle of the Jewish people to a more modern issue, racism in the world. I think there are great similarities between what black people experienced in the 1960’s and even to an extent now, as the Jewish people suffered in the time of Esther