Post War

Created by Damilola Mohammed, The Pitch 2018

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The film follows a woman who serves in the army as a soldier . During the course of her serving, she comes face to face with death and has seen some of her comrades die. As a result, she has spent many years suffering from post traumatic stress disorder. Suffering from a wounded soul she falls into the hands of other hurting men committing adultery against her husband. The film looks at how the physical war she faces becomes a mental war for her husband who has to forgive , heal and reconcile himself back to his wife.

Biblical Connection

The biblical source comes from the book of Hosea where we see a prophet of God marrying a well known Harlot as per the instructions from God in order for God to show and demonstrate the broken relationship between God and Israel. We will be adapting it mainly through the lenses of exploring PTDS of a female soldier and how it effects the marriage as the wife commits multiple forms of adultery. We also explore the emotional impact adultery has on a spouse through the lenses of the husband as we don’t usually see this theme from the male perspective so we hope to explore the emotions through raw visuals and expressive text. We hope to show the difficulties of marriage but also the rawness of expressing your true feelings to God and to inspire hope by letting people know that the beauty of reconciliation can still happen just as God reconciles us onto himself.