Pieces of Me

Created by Ben Hyland, The Pitch 2023

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William Pebblestone is a successful businessman. He’s a kind man, a popular man and man of great faith. He believes in the system that brought him success, prosperity and happiness. Because of the cost of living his downfall is swift. His business empire, his properties, finally his bank account was empty. A local care worker, Sally, checks in on William. She knows all about him and she looks out for his welfare but she’s also limited on what she can do to help. Tied by legislation. She cares but can’t practically intervene. Without financial recourse the energy company decide to inflict pain and humiliation on William. They start by taking his family. Next they take his body parts. Literally dismantling the man piece by piece. Until he’s just a brain in a jar. All the while William doesn’t complain. He has belief in the system that he’s paid into his entire life. After all it’s the same system that brought him past happiness. When William has nothing left to give, Sally, galvanises the community. She can’t do anything about the energy company but she can organise William’s neighbours and friends to rebuild him, piece by piece.

Biblical Connection

The story of Job is that of horrific suffering and a man of unyielding faith. A man that loses his possessions, his family and finally his health. My adaptation is a story about faith in the face of suffering and adversity. In this adaptation it’s faith in society. Faith that actions and outcomes will be for the betterment of everyone and not just the few. A theme that is currently front and centre of British politics and with the cost of living crisis set to escalate it’s an issue that’s going to be part of the fabric of our society for years to come. For me this is the most relevant bible text that expresses the feeling across the UK right now. The cost of living crisis is inflicting pain and devastation on ordinary people. It’s cruel and unfair. I’m angry about it so I want to write a gothic fairytale, narrated with the pros akin to a Julia Donaldson children’s book but with the striking imagery of a gruesome horror, all delivered with a dose of satirical and darkly hilarious social commentary.