Paul & Nero

Created by Fletcher Crossman, The Pitch 2016

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This pitch describes a true story, but one that’s been forgotten by History. It is the story of the moment when Paul the Apostle came face to face with Nero, the insane emperor of Rome. "Paul & Nero" takes this little known event and reveals to a modern audience both the depravity of the Roman Empire and the volatile nature of St Paul himself. When he is finally confronted by the lunatic Nero it becomes clear why God would choose such a man to carry his message. Despite Nero’s best efforts, it was this unconventional messenger that would ultimately change the Roman Empire, and the world. When he is dragged to Rome, Paul’s legal mind and quick wit cut Nero down to size and sows the seeds of a revolution that would soon sweep Nero from power and eventually lead the mighty Roman Empire to adopt Paul’s teachings as their own. We have already created a proof-of-concept trailer for Paul & Nero which can be seen at Thank you for your consideration.

Biblical Connection

This movie pieces together the events alluded to in Acts and in Paul's letters: Paul's trial before Nero. Although we know that Paul was indeed taken to Rome and tried before the Roman Emperor, these events are never described in the Bible itself. "Paul & Nero" uses the facts that we know from Biblical sources and historical information we have about Nero himself to piece together one of the most extraordinary confrontations of the Ancient World - the moment when Paul the Apostle came face to face with Nero. We know a lot about Paul's character from his letters and from the book of Acts, and we know about Nero from various Roman sources, so we can take a fair guess as to how these two volatile personalities would react to each other. The script makes numerous references to incidents in the Bible (for example, the moment when Paul publicly criticized Peter for breaking Jewish law while demanding new converts should be circumcised) and there are moments that show Paul writing his letters in which we directly hear the actual Biblical text, giving a context that helps our understanding of his concerns while writing.