Created by Neil Bauckham, The Pitch 2017

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Paralytic is a drama about Jona. An ex-soldier, who, while out on patrol in Afghanistan triggers an explosion, severing his right leg at the Knee. While injured, Jonas squad comes under attack, suffering casualties and trapping the soldiers on a rooftop. The four remaining soldiers managed to save Jona by digging through the roof, lowering Jona down to safety. Over a year later and Jona is now paralysed by his post traumatic stress. Lacking in support and purpose, he lives his life squatting and on the streets. The four friends track Jona down and invite him to a squad reunion. They see that Jonas life is a mess and set about trying to support him. They joke about how he was the fastest runner in the regiment, coming to realise that this is the way to help. The five of them decide to go on another adventure together and turn Jona into an athlete. With a new found purpose and friends at his back, Jona dives headlong into his new mission. Turning his life around, he finally reaches his goal of qualifying for the Paralympic Games.

Biblical Connection

Mark 2:1-12 Jesus Heals a Paralytic. The story of how Jesus heals a paralysed man after his four friends dig a hole through the roof of the building Jesus is in, to avoid the crowds and get their friend help. Lowering him through the roof on a matt, Jesus rewards their faith by healing the paralytic. “I tell you, get up, take your mat and go home.” He got up, took his mat and walked out in full view of them all.” Focusing on the main theme of the four men helping their paralysed friend dig through the roof to get help. Paralytic explores what happens to the man after he is able to walk again. The story is adapted to look at how ex-soldiers come home with Post Traumatic stress disorder, unable to live a normal life after the experiences they have had on duty. With sufferers facing addiction and unemployment, many find themselves homeless and on the street. This is a story of friendship and how having faith and belief in one another can help us overcome great obstacles.