Overtime Rebellion

Created by Daniel Chisholm, The Pitch 2023

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MO and his co-workers are oppressed by their horrible boss FIN, who wants to make them work overtime at the “Amazing Inc.” online retail packing centre. Mo realises that he must lead his colleagues and save them from their oppression. He first recruits his co-worker FRANCINE, who is a rebellious sort, and who is eager to join the cause. Together, they try to convince RORY, a bookish stickler for rules. At first Rory declines, but ultimately, he cannot resist the lure of freedom, and so he joins the cause of the rebellion. The group devise a series of ingenious pranks (modelled on the ten plagues of Egypt), each of which is more extreme than the last. They are designed to get Fin to question himself and let them go. After each prank, Fin seems to weaken and give in, but then changes his mind and once again hardens his stance – his pride will not let him give in. Ultimately, Fin's ego is his downfall. Through his eagerness to control his employees, he injures himself, so that he is unable to enforce his overtime ruling. Mo, Francine and Rory are free to enjoy their weekends.

Biblical Connection

“Overtime Rebellion” is based on the Book of Exodus. The oppression of the Israelites finds its mirror in the modern-day relationship between worker and employer, specifically in a warehouse belonging to an online retailing agent. Just like the Israelites under the leadership of Moses, the factory packers trust Mo to represent them in their uprising against their unfair treatment. The miracles that God performs through and for Moses are here transformed into pranks that the employees play on their boss. Both are designed to punish the oppressor – Pharaoh / Fin. But like Pharaoh, Fin is too proud and selfish to give in to the supplicants. After each prank, he only hardens his stance. And so it comes to pass that he has an accident, caused by his own intransigence, which incapacitates him and makes it impossible for him to enforce the overtime rules on his employees. Many modern workers find themselves in unfair relationships with their employers. The hope for salvation that the book of Exodus conveys is at the core of “Overtime Rebellion”.