Oliver & Alexander

Created by Yurena A de Dios, The Pitch 2012

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The film is about two men, Alexander and Oliver, who've been friends since primary school and together built a highly successful financial company. The story starts in a fancy West London restaurant, on the birthday party of Alexander, the CEO of the company. All the guests, including the board members and Oliver, the CFO, enjoy the surplus of good food and wine. When Oliver goes for a smoke, he suddenly gets pulled into a car and disappears without a trace. The next morning Oliver's body is found dangling from a tree, a suicide note in his pocket. What happened to these two men slowly unfolds during the interrogations of the eleven remaining board members. In This dreamy modern film Noir, filmed in the misty docklands of East London, we hope to shed light on the mysterious reasons, which could cause someone to commit the ultimate crime and betray one's best friend.

Biblical Connection

The story is inspired by the biblical character of Judas Iscariot and his relationship with Jesus. We're interested why, after being such a loyal disciple and friend for so many years, he decides to betray his friend, the son of God. Was it greed? The thirty silver coins he was offered by the Chief priests? Was it disillusionment? Was Judas doing God's work to bring about Jesus' death and resurrection? Still today, his motives remain a mystery. In our story we reference Juda's final actions in the betrayal of Oliver to Alexander. Two friends who have grown up together and built a successful financial company, the investigation of the remaining witnesses will reveal how this two close friends end in tragedy. In this story, we also make a reference to the Biblical passage of The Last Supper of Jesus Christ and the twelve Apostles by the use of a flashback scene in our opening sequence. It's Alexander's birthday celebrating with his twelve board members of the company. We're also visually representing such iconic image.