Created by Okorie Chukwu, The Pitch 2018

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In a London where everyone fends for themselves, we follow Marvelous, the reluctant samaritan. Having found a winning scratch card on his night shift, Marvelous, a high-spirited Nigerian Immigrant who is losing faith in god, is celebrating. It is shortly lived when he falls victim to the local pick pocket, Monica. A troubled yet seeming innocent woman who steals his wallet with the ticket inside. As he makes after her, he discovered that Monica has made local enemies, men pursuing her who want their money back. Marvelous wants no part in the drama and demands his wallet so he can retrieve his ticket but Monica claims to have lost it in the chase. This leads them on a journey to locate it. Rapport grows between these two lonely strangers. ` Having kept his winning ticket a secret all the while, Marvelous finally retrieves his wallet. He and Monica are about to part when the group of men finally catch up with Monica and furiously demand their money or her blood. Monica is terrified. Marvelous knows that he can help. He now has to make a choice between keeping his new found wealth or helping out someone in need.

Biblical Connection

THE PARABLE OF THE GOOD SAMARITAN Luke 10:27“‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength and with all your mind’[a]; and, ‘Love your neighbor as yourself. Containing one of the great commandments, I read 'The Parable of the Good Samaritan' as a timeless teaching, a lesson in making a choice to love thy neighbor, showing care and taking action that brings people together and builds strong communities. I asked what would the story of a good samaritan look like today? In our society, what are the circumstances that may challenge us to be a good neighbor. To turn selfishness into selflessness. Marvelous must make that decision between keeping his new found wealth or helping out someone in need. Marvelous and Monica like the Samaritan and the injured man at the time, are people on the fringe of society. He works a thankless job as a street orderly. People throw their rubbish down and he picks it up. No sign of appreciation. She is troubled, alone and has made her choice on how to deal with it. Out of the circumstances comes an opportunity to connect. To go from strangers to neighbors.