Created by James Murray, The Pitch 2016

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A young man struggles with his identity in an oppressive State that strives for control. After witnessing a miracle during the attempted murder of his cousin Meschach, at the hands of the State, he is plunged into a reality check where he must truly decide who he will obey. This story is about brave obedience in the face of overwhelming fear.

Biblical Connection

This story is inspired by Daniel, verse 3, where Shadrach, Meshach and Abedengo stand up for God even when it could mean their death. Their faith in God never wavers. What inspired me to write this story are the current affairs in countries like China and North Korea. Human Rights Lawyers are bullied in public confessions, kidnapped and tortured by the government and both countries see the State as its own religion, all powerful and second to none. There are many Christians suffering in these countries and my story is to inspire hope for them and to inspire others to remain loyal to God. That obedience is truly serving God.