Created by Rhiannon Barker, The Pitch 2024

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\"Noah\" tells the story of a 14-year-old boy named Noah from Streatham and his three friends, Shem, Japs, and Hams. Noah harbors frustration towards the adult world, blaming them for the world\'s problems, including wars and poverty. However, their world takes a dark turn when a deadly virus targets only adults, leaving children as the sole survivors. Noah grapples with the responsibility of leadership in this new reality, envisioning a world where kids rule and create a better future. As he takes charge within his community, he discovers that not all the blame can be placed on adults when disagreements arise among the children, leading to the formation of different groups. The story explores Noah\'s journey of self-discovery and maturity as he learns that leadership is not as simple as blaming others. It highlights the challenges of rebuilding a society from scratch and the complexities that arise even when adults are absent. The narrative ends with Noah, realising the importance of unity among the surviving children, and the uncertain path ahead as they strive to create a better world together.

Biblical Connection

\"Noah\" draws inspiration from the biblical tale of Noah\'s Ark, a narrative found in the Book of Genesis in the Bible. In the original story, Noah, a righteous man, was chosen by God to build an ark to save his family and two of every kind of animal from a catastrophic flood that would cleanse the world of its wickedness. This connection with the biblical story serves as the foundational theme for \"Noah.\" In the modern adaptation, \"Noah\" reimagines the biblical flood as a viral outbreak that exclusively targets adults, leaving the children as the survivors. This reinterpretation parallels the biblical flood\'s role in cleansing the world, with the deadly virus serving as a symbol of the world\'s problems. Noah\'s frustration with adults mirrors the biblical narrative\'s emphasis on human failings, while his quest for leadership and the challenges that arise among the children echo the complexities of rebuilding society in both stories. By drawing upon the iconic story of Noah\'s Ark, \"Noah\" offers a contemporary take on timeless themes of leadership, responsibility, and the consequences of humanity\'s actions, ultimately providing a fresh perspective on a biblical narrative that has resonated with people for centuries.