Created by Yunique Francis, The Pitch 2012

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When a young man from an inner-city community is betrayed, he uses the weapon of words to seek revenge and redemption. MY WEAPON tells the story of a young man and woman from different social classes who fall in love but is prevented from continuing the relationship on the basis of their class differences. This prohibition comes from the woman's father who will not allow his daughter to be with anyone outside of her social class. but after warning the protagonist, Jakey, to stay away from his daughter, the father decides to personally keep them apart and uses his powers to set up Jakey who goes to prison for a crime he knows nothing about. Jakey spends his time in prison reading in the library and through the encouragement of another inmate, decides to put his story on paper. Through the help of missionaries, Jakey’s story went from being on scraps of papers in his cell to being on the cover of every newspaper on the island, exposing the active practice of social class discrimination.

Biblical Connection

The story of MY WEAPON was created from the bible story of Jacob and his uncle Laban; Genesis 30, 31. More specifically, the story is centered on the Betrayal of Jacob by Laban who sets up Jacob to be with his older daughter rather than the daughter that Jacob truly loves. Both Jakey and Jacob are prevented from being with the women they love by their fathers. In addition, both men are subjected to seven years, IN Jacob’s case, doing hard labour and in the case of Jakey incarcerated. Love motivates both the characters to rise above the betrayal meted out to them. But in the case of Jakey it is not only the power of love that motivates him but it is that same experience of discrimination that pushes him to work towards exposing and eventually reducing the action. In the end both stories illustrate that we all have bad experience in life, but it is how we react to those experiences that separate the wise from the foolish.