My Book of Revelation

Created by kirk tierney, The Pitch 2012

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Within this pitch I've attempted to show the initial concept ideas for the style of animation we are looking to develop, and as you can see from the pitch it is heavily influenced by a urban style. Also Ive tried to show the way this film will be shot, I'm hoping to create a very cinematic feel to it, but this also will be contrasted by quick paced editing when we delve into the lead characters thoughts.

Biblical Connection

For this film I'll be using the book of revelations and taking influence from certain key aspects within it. I'll be looking at sections of the book and applying it to key social issues. I'll also apply it to larger global issues but this will be shown from the perspective of our lead character. In the way that the book of revelations talks about the battle between good and evil on a global scale; I'll be applying this to our lead character, but on a more internal basis and show his internal battle with good and evil and his personal apocalypse towards the end of his life.