More Words

Created by Sebastian Rex, The Pitch 2024

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In a hospital waiting room, Blake, a 40-something-year-old, receives devastating news of their loved one\'s passing, plunging them into a state of meaninglessness. Leaving the hospital, they encounter Jordan, who takes it upon themselves to lift Blake\'s spirits by suggesting a visit to the pub. Together, they embark on a mind-bending odyssey, guided by Jordan\'s belief that three eccentric characters can reveal the path to meaning. First, an artist proudly unveils their masterpiece, only to crumble when confronted with the prospect of their work falling into the wrong hands after death. Despite Blake’s negativity, Jordan manages to melt their heart with positivity and hope. Next, a wealthy business person attempts to showcase the happiness that money brings, but ends up suffocating under the weight of their own riches. Lastly, a hacker entangled in an intense relationship with a wise AI seeks eternal life, but Blake exposes the ultimate folly of their pursuits, leading to a violent altercation that leaves Jordan injured and Blake heartbroken. As Jordan is rushed to the hospital, we encounter Blake, who eceived the most devastating news. Their loved one has just died. \"More Words\" invites viewers on a thought-provoking, surreal and funny journey.

Biblical Connection

In \"More Words,\" I harness Ecclesiastes\' timeless wisdom to craft a narrative that delves into the disillusionment of Blake, mirroring the author’s own struggles. Their quest for meaning unfolds through encounters with three symbolic figures, each representing a pursuit for happiness: the artist embodies toil, the business person embodies wealth, and the hacker embodies wisdom. By exposing the vanity of their beliefs, Blake shatters their illusions, revealing the fleeting nature of their pursuits. For instance, when confronting the artist\'s pride in leaving their works behind, Blake echoes Ecclesiastes\' warnings by reminding them that their toil may fall into the hands of a foolish successor (Ecclesiastes 2:18-19). Inspired by Ecclesiastes 6:11—\"The more the words - the less the meaning\"—the film\'s title encapsulates the essence of our exploration. Furthermore, the narrative structure mirrors the cyclical nature of Ecclesiastes, where past events are destined to repeat themselves. With a fusion of surrealism, dark humor, and romance, I adapt Ecclesiastes\' profound contemplation on life\'s transient and futile nature into a resonant cinematic experience.