Midnight Wonders

Created by Lucy Jordan, The Pitch 2016

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A short fantasy film revolving around an eleven-year-old girl called April, who becomes a foster child and moves into a large old house in the countryside, she goes outside into the woods to play with her dog called Bailey; when doing so, she approaches two pale white children who are wearing animal masks. The two children go inside a cave, and April decides to follow. The third time April is lured into the cave, her deceased parents are presented along with an offering. In order to stay, she must accept what The Dark Master offers. April finds that the ‘world’ in the cave is actually an evil place where children are lured and their souls are devoured. The offering reveals all sinister secrets.

Biblical Connection

Based on the temptation of Jesus, my story revolves around a young foster child called April who discovers a cave with dark history and sinister secrets. Jesus is represented through April (main character), as she is being tempted with great things by a dark entity; the dark entity (representing the devil), is The Dark Master. In the bible story, the devil attempts to persuade Jesus three times; and so does The Dark Master, with April; each time April is lured there, she is being tempted by seeing things that are a fiction fabrication of The Dark Master’s overall scheme to trick and lure her into the cave and devour her soul. Fearful of the offering and wanting to leave, April outsmarts The Dark Master with her belief that her deceased parents are all an illusion, and escapes with the help of one of the masked children, and her pet dog, Bailey.