Created by Laura Evers Johns, The Pitch 2012

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The Universe is divided by thousands of light years of conflict. Many planets have exhausted their sun's energy. And time is running out for Judea. Fierce young foundling, Phoenix, a rookie Star Catcher, cruises the galaxies with her tough mentor and former mercenary, Priest, aboard a pair of battered space pods. Available to any regime willing to pay a high enough price, the Star Catchers harvest valuable energy from new-born stars to fuel dying suns. Summoned to the planet Judea by tyrant king 'Herod the Great', the Star Catchers learn of a prophecy that foretells the coming of a new star – a star that will bring light to the very corners of the Universe. In return for bringing the energy of this star to Judea, King Herod promises to reward the Star Catchers handsomely – but this job is not what it seems.

Biblical Connection

This short film idea is a contemporary re-imagining of the journey and obstacles faced by the three magi, or three wise men from the Nativity Story - set in an alternate reality.