Made For Each Other

Created by Susanna Wright, The Pitch 2016

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Made for Each Other follows the story of David and Clarissa, a barren couple living in 2061. They discover, after a few years of their tough marriage, that Clarissa’s wealthy mother paid at her birth to have a perfect partner genetically engineered and raised in a controlled adoptive environment. At first Clarissa believes this will change nothing but, when a disgruntled scientist in China leaks all the personal information of programme participants, it becomes likely Clarissa may meet her perfect man. Her resolve is weakened by the constant presence of the screens, in her home and in the street, celebrating a couple who, due to the data leak have been united. Seeing them boast of a love without sacrifice or hard work and enjoying indescribable intimacy ignites a compelling curiosity in Clarissa. She leaves David and goes in search of the man made for her. Reaching his adoptive parent’s house, she discovers he died in a childhood accident. Devastated and alone David tracks her down. She assumes it is over but he reminds her that he vowed to love her until he died. She went looking for perfect love but he shows her a richer love that encompasses her imperfection.

Biblical Connection

Made For Each Other takes its inspiration primarily from Matthew 19 v4-6 but also from many other texts in the Bible. The film considers the trajectory of our world, in light of what the Bible says about creation and marriage. God created and designed our world and yet unregulated genetic engineering and editing is on the increase; it is likely to greatly influence the future of humanity yet is one of the least talked about issues. Alongside this threat the film explores the great purpose of humankind: love. In a world where the definition of love is fluid and where vows are broken by the hour the question arises: what does love really look like? Marriage is an illustration of God’s exclusive and permanent commitment to all people on earth. Each marriage can be a sign of his sacrificial, intimate and unbreakable love for us. The Bible says love is about more than feeling good, being happy and physical intimacy. Love is not self-seeking. Love lays down its life for others. Love forgives. Clarissa’s search for love is contrasted with David’s commitment to show love which reflects the theme of God’s love for humanity.