Created by Keanan Cantrell, The Pitch 2016

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"Lucid" is a contemporary drama set in America, exploring a young man's development of character as his faith, his life purpose and even his sanity is put into question repeatedly. We enter the story after Joe has been framed by colleagues who are jealous of his success at predicting the stock market and put under psychiatric evaluation for insisting that he has prophetic dreams. Word gets out and his cellmates tease him. The joke turns sour as Joseph predicts their future, one of which is not very happy. Isolated, Joe feels trapped, frustrated and wasted as his days pass in the prison. But his dream blog has come to the attention of National Security as one of his dreams predicts a terrorist act that he shouldn't have known about. When he is brought in for questioning, the president shares a nightmare he's been having and Joe warns that it reveals a traitor in the very room. Exposed, one of the president's advisors pulls a gun and tries to shoot the president. Joseph shields the president, then wakes up. The whole experience was a dream. But one that he's about to live through.

Biblical Connection

Joseph's story in Genesis 37 through 41 is one of patience, persistence and perspective as Joseph's life seems to get increasingly worse the more he tries to do what's right but in the long run turns out far better and more meaningful than he could have imagined. Joseph is sold by his own brothers as a slave into foreign Egypt but does his best in his situation. He continues to trust his divine gift of dreams and becomes the second most powerful person in the most powerful nation in one of the most loved Bible stories. But "Lucid" focuses on the period of time when Joseph is stuck in prison. Many times we feel a calling to do something better with our lives but feel stuck in our own personal prisons that seem to get worse the harder we try. We doubt our faith, our purpose and often the choices we have made that have brought us here. Joseph's story inspires us to make the most of any situation and to trust that life will get better in the long run and even end up better than we could have ever imagined if we press forward with faith.