Le Clos

Created by Jennifer Bishop, The Pitch 2024

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Jeremie is interviewed for a job in the restaurant, Le Clos. The Exec Is sceptical but Jeremie replies, “I can cook.” Jeremie joins the small team and excels, He is quickly given more responsibility and the Exec hires others to work under him. Jeremie’s evidently a truly gifted chef. The day of the event the Exec brings in a few assistants to help out . The celebrity event is a huge success and the food is met by applause. The Exec gives all the chefs their wages but when Jeremie realises he has been paid the same as the other chefs, he is indignant. The Exec does not say anything but beckons the team in front the celebrity crowd. In the office of the Exec, we see Jeremie’s application showing he has recently left jail. Meanwhile Jeremie is pulled forward centre stage for special mention and is given a standing ovation. He is announced to be the next in line as Head Chef. This story explores not only the exteranl stakes of pulling off an event, but the internal stakes of pleasing a father figure and the philosophical stakes of being called to fulfill a greater purpose and identity.

Biblical Connection

Matthew 20:1-16, the parable of the workers in the vineyard is a short story without much explanation. What seems at first a confusing story about workers being paid unfairly for their day of labour, becomes a beautiful metaphor to not think about earning wages but think in terms of inheriting a fortune and a home. Jeremie has come from a walled enlosure [a prison] where he has experienced first hand harsh justice, and paying for and being paid for what is due. Naturally he reacts against the inequity of being paid the same as colleagues who worked for less time and with less responsiblitiy. However, Jeremie is now in a new enclosure, this time Le Clos du Vignoble, a walled vineyard, place of belonging, recogition, and purpose. The small salary he has received for a week of work is nothing in comparison to finding a place his passions and skills are truly celebrated and recognised. As Jeremie battles first not only to have a job, but also to please a boss [see: father figure he never had], all seems lost when he excellent efforts are met with disrepsect. Everything is inversed when he realises his identity is truly acknowledged.