Created by Mohammad Munir Malik, The Pitch 2024

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Two brothers, Kabil (9) and Habil (8) get ready to go to a farm with with their father, Jameel for Eid - it’s chaotic as the two brother vie for his attention. At the farm Jameel sets the boys to task with both complete successfully but Jameel favours the efforts of the younger. Kabil feels his efforts are not recognised and storms off in anger. He sits alone on a swing as other children play. Habil approaches and asks to play on the swing - Kabul refuses. Habil complains to his father from afar. Habil gets off the swing and in anger pushes the swing in his brother’s direction with force - the swing hits his brother in the mouth - his white tunic drenched in blood and loss of teeth. Jameel rushes over and in anger sends Kabil away to the car where he stews alone and watched the event carry on from a distance - feeling like an outcast. After some time has passed the father approaches the older sibling who burst into tears apologetically and accusing his father of loving him less - the father realising that his son’s suffering, crouches down and draws him in for a hug.

Biblical Connection

Lambs is based on Genesis 4:1-16: the story of Cain and Able. It can be interpreted as the first account of jealousy and failure that results in murder; and the first sin motivated by emotion and desire. It represents the loss of innocence of mankind - but in favouring Abel\'s sacrifice, did god inadvertently play a part in Cain’s actions? In search of an answer, we transpose this story onto the experience of young boys as they’re encouraged to compete by their farther. Before a child can fathom the concept of god, parents are the most powerful presence in their life and their actions can inadvertently build a child up or break them down - result in a child who under-supported to process difficult emotions, act out just as Cain did when challenged with the feeling of losing to his brother. However, unlike the biblical version, where Cain kills Able, Kabil pushes a swing which results in the drawing of blood and loss of teeth to reflect the loss of innocence resulting in a similar learning. The film core examines the societal pushing of young boys to compete.