Kings of Urban

Created by Bob Eckhard, The Pitch 2015

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Famed for wreaking havoc in the local community, the plans of an unruly gang start to unravel when elderly resident Hilary Jenks – a mystic with the ability to see into the future - moves onto the estate. Learning that the mystic is responsible for their activities being continually thwarted by the authorities, gang leader Jake Moran mobilises his group to teach Hilary a lesson. But their confrontation with Hilary leads to a change in the community. We envisage this low concept urban drama can easily be produced within budget. Set in the present day, the budget would laregely be needed for crew, talent and location fees. The story features a small principle cast and a team of supporting artists to make up the gang and members of the community. Director Matt Jamie has been involved in dozens of short films and knows plenty of available actors and other potential crew members, though we are of course happy to work with contacts the Pitch team may have. We are confident we can bring this story to life, and illuminate a lesser-known passage of the Bible, which has a strong contemporary message, in a uniquely entertaining way.

Biblical Connection

Adapted from ‘Elisha and the Blind Syrians’ (2 Kings 7:8-23) ‘Kings of Urban’ is a modern retelling of a story that offers an alternative solution for dealing with one’s enemies and persecutors through the medium of friendship and love. Other scriptures in the Bible that advocate living in peace with one’s enemies, rather than retaliating in kind, are found in the wisdom books (Proverbs 10:22, 17:6, 19:11), gospels (Matthew 5v44, 6:14, Luke 6v27) and epistles (Romans 12:17-21, Ephesians 4:31-32).