King David - You Live In This World Now

Created by Barry Friedman, The Pitch 2012

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The aim of the documentary is to show how King David's story influences the great men of today. Bibi Netanyahu is the prime minister of Israel. He gains his knowledge from Torah, Gemorah and from King David. Gabi Ashkenazi head of military is an excellent example of military force like King David. Matisyahu is a great songwriter and musician who drew on the same subject of Jerusalem for his inspiration of songs, just like King David. The three men will be interviewed and we will see how the lifestyle of David intermingles with these great men. At this present time I have the Rosh Yeshiva of Diaspora Yeshiva, Rabbi Mordechai Goldstein, heading the documentary, as his Yeshiva has the tomb of King David in it’s grounds. Many people from all over the world, Jews and non-Jews go and prayer at the tomb for various needs and wants that they ask Hashem for. The tomb has a very ominous feeling to it. The Rosh Yeshiva gains his inspiration from the teachings of David and considers himself as a student of the King.

Biblical Connection

King David is the biblical role model for success! Many great scholars and mentors look to the historic Psalm writer for guidance and inspiration. The past is still around and we look to see the future from it. The undivided, eternal city of the Jews - Jerusalem. It is said that he will succeed in rebuilding it during the redemption times. But story is about men of today that look to the leader of the Jewish people as a warrior, a king, a leader, a song writer and a singer. He had all the traits that every man wishes for him and his baby son. This is a message of the past, present and future leaders to learn from this legend!