Created by Adam Marsden, The Pitch 2016

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JOHN follows the life of John the Baptist, introduced by the Angel’s message to Zechariah in Luke Chapter 1. The film takes a modern approach, setting our story in 17th Century America in the harsh uninhabited lands of the North. The film follows John living his life in the wilderness as he prepares to lead the new world to the way of the Lord, recounting John's life from his birth to the baptism of Jesus. Produced by film making team Adam Peter Marsden (Writer, Director & Producer) and Dan Mears (Director of Photography & Producer), this film represents a progression of skills, craft and passion developed over a combined 14 years experience making short drama films, with our latest short film ‘Encore’ currently attending Festivals. The Pitch competition would allow us to push the envelope of what we would be normally able to achieve with limited budgets and crewing resources, opening new windows of opportunity to get our talents and stories recognised.

Biblical Connection

In Luke Chapter 1, Zechariah gets greeted by an Angel that tells him his wife will give birth to a baby boy and they are to call him John. The Angel outlines how John will live and prepare the world for Jesus, becoming commonly known as John the Baptist. The film follows John’s life as recounted by the disciples, living in the wilderness and preparing himself to ready the people for the way of the Lord, cumulating in the baptism of Jesus. The film will take reference from bible passages which tell of John’s life and his work including; Mark Chapter 1, Matthew Chapter 3 & John Chapter 1. Each passage gives its own insight into John’s life and the way he lived. We hope to take inspiration from each passage and apply it to our contemporary but relevant setting.