Job's Worth

Created by Steve Brehm, The Pitch 2018

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Daniel Baker is one of the youngest directors of a privately owned global firm. He’s also grandson of the now deceased founder. The CEO is planning to step down and so, along with the Chairman, the two senior Execs are secretly looking for a replacement. The CEO believes that Daniel is the man for the job, that he is a man of integrity and inherently loyal to the company. The chairman says he’s always had an easy ride as the founder’s grandson. The two agree to test Daniel’s character, reassigning him to a dead end role as Director of Building Services and stripping him of all he’s become accustomed to. Two board members advise him to snub the company - resign or pursue legal action. Although not at all happy Daniel refuses to buckle and turn on the company, despite the goading of his ‘friends’ on the Board and the mocking of employees. Just as he nears breaking point, confronting the CEO and chairman, Daniel finds out what’s been happening. He’s been tested and come through with flying colours. He’s restored to his previous position and announced as being the next CEO.

Biblical Connection

Job is one of the most powerful books in the Bible. It provokes questions regarding the nature of suffering. Why do bad things happen to good people? Why does a God of love allow illness and disease? One of the main themes is the belief, held by Job’s friends, that this man must have done something wrong to warrant what he’s going through. Tragedy and comedy are often two sides of the same coin. While the book of Job is not a comedy, and the subject matter very serious, there are many moments which raise a smile – Job’s friends prattling on, Job’s reaction to them and even his generally stubborn attitude. I have no desire to belittle the book of Job, nor to mock suffering – something I’ve seen a great deal of in close family through recent years. I do, however, have a great desire to prompt people to read Job and if an amusing short film encourages a Sunday school class to read it, a university corridor to study it or a group of parents to consider how it might help them answer life’s difficult questions then it may well prove … Job’s worth.