Created by Emma Ramsay, The Pitch 2022

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SIAN and JAY are best friends and they work in the same office. When Sian is promoted, Jay celebrates with her friend. But when she gets home, she is visited by a Jealous Beast who tries to seduce her, convincing her she is jealous of Sian. Jay refuses, but when Sian has to move desk and makes a new friend, Jay succumbs to jealousy's advances. They plot against Sian and spoon each other to sleep. The very next day, Jay invites Sian for tea where she locks her in a cage. At work, Jay is promoted in the missing Sian's place. But when Jay moves to Sian's desk, she is surrounded by photos of them together. Riddled with regret, Jay runs home and the girls have a heart to heart. Jay admits to being jealous and promises to only ever be Sian's biggest supporter from now on. Sian forgives Jay and the girls work together to lock the Jealous Beast away, but they hand him a glass of champagne, allowing him to exist, but keeping him under control.

Biblical Connection

The story of Leah and Rachel, the jealous wives of Jacob in Genesis. Leah envied Rachel's good looks and favour with their husband. Rachel envied Leah's fertility and wished she could give her husband sons as Leah had. In the story, it is only when the women focus on what they have and find their identity through God's blessings not their failings, that they find salvation. I have focused on one character in my adaptation in order to fit the time line and honed in on female friendship as I'd like to think we've moved on a bit from being solely concerned about babies and boyfriends. It's only when Jay is vulnerable and opens her heart to her friend (God) that she finds her salvation. I’ve always been fascinated by the dark side of female rivalry and professional competition. That often-discussed notion that there is only room for one identifying female at the top. Like most women I know, I’ve been both irrationally envious and on the receiving end of the green-eyed monster. BOTH SUCK. I want to confront this ugly emotion, personifying it as a ridiculous beast in a surreal short film tackling a very real feeling.