Iron Men

Created by Davy Lazare, The Pitch 2024

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A dramatic short about two lonely strangers, Avery and Jon. They meet up at a bar, but it soon becomes clear that Avery is hiding something. When Jon calls him out, he offers to tell the truth - but only after they play a game. Avery pulls out a pack of cue-cards containing deep, revealing questions that they\'ll ask each other. Reluctantly, Jon agrees. They leave nothing on the table. Jon opens up about the stroke he had a year earlier. Avery reveals the only close friend he ever had was back in high school. There\'s laughter, tears, but most importantly, a real connection between these two men. The cue-cards finish - it\'s time for more truth. Avery confesses that, he’s actually getting married in three days, and doesn’t have a best man. This whole thing has been an audition. In fact, he’s been auditioning men all week, and Jon is THE GUY. He’s the one. A shellshocked Jon doesn’t answer immediately, decides to sleep on it. The next day, Avery gets a text. There’s no words, it’s just a picture - of Jon, in a tuxedo, smiling.

Biblical Connection

Proverbs 27:17 - \"Iron sharpens iron, as one man sharpens another\". Blacksmithing is a painstaking process, where metal goes through intense heat and battering, to strengthen and purify it. The blacksmiths persistence and close attention slowly creates beauty out of a nondescript slab of iron. I adapted this well-known verse to speak on the current epidemic of loneliness in modern men, and the increase in male suicide. We’ve been raised to think strength is facing problems alone. But in reality, it comes from healthy relationships that pushes us to grow, and supports us when we’re weak. Iron sharpens iron, man sharpens man. When you Google the phrase “getting married, no best man”, you get 994 million results. This is currently my reality - so this story is also very personal. Half of men have no one they can discuss a serious topic such as money, work or health with. So many of our problems are caused by us not sharing: our feelings, our fears, our true selves. Like the diligent blacksmith, more men need to pour time, effort and heart into their close bonds.