In Search of The Lost Sun

Created by Onysha Collins, The Pitch 2015

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In Search of The Lost Sun is a Sci-Fi Drama exploring purpose and identity. Centring on Ichabod, a young man of ill health seeking to prove he is of value by rectifying his Father’s failure of allowing the Sun to be captured. Consistently rebuffed by his community, Ichabod’s pastime entails observing the Suns captors- the Phili- a robotic group who diligently enforce their restrictive laws on his community. In veneration of their inherent vitality Ichabod begins emulating his oppressors, until befriended by young Eleazar; a trainee rebel tasked with overthrowing the Phili. Frustrated his allegiance is questioned, Ichabod proffers to join the rebels, with Eleazar’s vouch he’s accepted. Finally able to interact with people, Ichabod notes their physical fragility, surmising it due to the absence of the Sun. Posing his theory he learns they believe the Sun no longer exists. Dismissed as an inglorious apostate like his Father, he’s cast out. Holding steadfast that the Sun’s glory brings transformation Ichabod decides to find it; unbeknown to him Eleazar follows. Upon locating it, the Phili approach and Ichabod collapses exhausted. Climatically, Ichabod realises his purpose was to lead Eleazar as he watches him transform and outrun the Phili to the Sun.

Biblical Connection

In 1 Samuel 4 beauty and devastation occur simultaneously. Beauty in the form of a child’s birth. Devastation through the Ark of the Covenant being captured. Ichabod, born with the moniker ‘inglorious’ thrown over him grows up as the lineage of a dishonoured man within a community stymied by his Father’s actions. Restitution is something Ichabod will never be certain of, respite from the Philistine oppressors is something he’s never known, but a prophecy (1 Samuel 3) against his forefathers house Ichabod can never forget: all descendants will die in the flower of their age. Beyond his birth, nothing else is written about him Biblically. However, the prologue to what could’ve become a fascinating story lies open. Here my inspiration began. The Ark of the Covenant becoming the Sun. The Philistine’s as the Phili- a superior and powerful robot force. God’s departure encapsulated as a land of darkness. Herein lies the context for ‘In Search of the Lost Sun’, whereby its essence is this: A man, the bane of society, surmounts his waning health to forge his own identity and rectify his father’s wrongs.