In Our Eyes

Created by Jonathan Flint, The Pitch 2015

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After the death of her childhood sweetheart, Ru leaves behind her nomadic lifestyle and pledges to accompany her Mother In Law to the bandit ridden farmlands off the east coast. Work opportunities are scarce on the farmlands but when Ru catches the eye of Bo, a mysteriously kind farmer who owns the White House farm estate, she gains a place on the farm work force. Ru's presence also draws the attention of Red, a conflicted bandit leader battling with fiery impulses and an inheritance he doesn't want. As Ru begins to feel the burden of her mother in law's dependence, she is torn between fulfilling her promises and pursuing a future with a man that perplexes her.

Biblical Connection

Based on the book of Ruth, "In Our Eyes" follows the same story and chronology as the biblical account. Admittedly, we've exercised a fair amount of poetic license with the unnamed "Redeemer" (Red) in chapter 4 as there is no tangible antagonist mentioned in the account. Fundamentally, the purpose of the story of Ruth is to point toward Jesus as the ultimate redeemer; whilst Boaz (or Bo) displays tremendous grace toward Ruth (Or Ru), merely a poor foreigner with no inheritance, his provision, kindness and selfless love foreshadows Jesus', as he has unconditionally redeemed those who receive Him. It'll be challenging to portray Bo such a good guy without making him somewhat cliché and trite so with that in mind, the story would feature various flashbacks, for both Ru and Bo, exploring tumultuous character back stories.