Created by Cindy Jackman, The Pitch 2012

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‘I Am Absalom’: the short film seeks to amplify and highlight the critical and underpinning themes that led to Absalom’s rise to power and his subsequent demise. It presents a modern day depiction of Absalom; a handsome and articulate lawyer who is intrigued with the prospects of managing his father’s law firm. In a ploy to sabotage the current leadership, Absalom’s cunning and ambition catapults him to become a contender for the title of managing partner; the post that his estranged father currently holds. Absalom’s outright defiance and acts of betrayal find him and his father David locked a power struggle. These personal contentions go from bad to worse and could undermine all that the firm stands for.

Biblical Connection

The biblical story of Absalom’s rebellion against David his father possesses ageless and universal themes and explores how an obsession with favour and power can pervade the abode of those in authority. The story also speaks about the love of a father for his son in spite of the son’s treachery and underhanded schemes.It highlights the repercussions of the father’s obvious failure to proper discipline his son. The biblical encounter with Absalom occurs primarily in 2 Samuel Chapters 13 – 19 but there are supplementary text that paint a clearer picture of the events surrounding Absalom’s rebellion. These are located in 1 Kings Chapters 1, 2 and 15, 1 Chronicles Chapter 3 and Psalm Chapter 3.