Created by Simon Bolton-Gabrielsen, The Pitch 2017

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"Honour" is a tragic thriller, a story of star-crossed lovers, caught in the headlights of violent, destructive family traditions, and old ideas of honour and the ownership of women. Ezzie wants nothing more than to live the life of any modern British girl, hanging out with her slightly odd friends and William, her white British boyfriend and the love of her life. But unlike most modern British girls, she has escaped a forced marriage to a man chosen by her parents, and the frightening traditions of her old-world Kurdish background seem to be hidden round every corner. Theirs is a rule of family "honour", in which daughters, sisters and wives are prized possessions. Having broken free, their web of violence is quickly closing around Ezzie. Taken in by the offer of a conciliatory meal from her mother, she soon finds out that nothing she cares for is safe. When William is attacked and Ezzie bundled into the boot of a car by her uncle and brother, she realises there may be only one, terrible way left that she can be master of her own fate.

Biblical Connection

Inspired by the book of Esther and the woman found in adultery in John 8, Honour picks up on the complexity of women's roles in the world of the scripture, and in our world today. Religion becomes confused with violent cultural practices, and just like the condemning men in John's Gospel, the pretence of doing what is honourable only thinly hides the ugly truth. However, while Esther uses the gift of a meal to bring the men in her life round to her perspective, Ezzie is trapped by just such an enticement. The Gospel woman is forgiven and allowed to go free, but Ezzie has no such fortune. Wholly innocent, she has a kind of freedom to choose her own fate, bringing judgement only on her oppressors.