High School Resurrection

Created by Nigel Roberts, The Pitch 2013

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The only daughter of a local dignitary dies. Her friends at school are distressed. Then she comes back to school. Alive. She claims she has been resurrected. The reactions of her friends and enemies form the basis for a struggle for the girl. Is the life to which she has been resurrected the one she left? Is it even worth living now? Through the medium of the teen musical the film explores the girls journey from death to life and to the brink of death once again. Will the person who brought her back be there to rescue her once again and will he be able to teach her just how to live life second time around?

Biblical Connection

The story of Jairus's daughter is a key story for me in Scripture - it is a story whose focus is on a young girl - an only child. As a youth worker this resonates very strongly and so i have often looked at the story and used it in teaching. But I have often wondered what life would be like for the resurrected. What happens to their friendships and relationships. How do they cope? Jairus's daughter says loads about Jesus and the value he places on people. It says loads about his power over life and death. In this story more than any other we see Jesus fully God and fully man and its this reflection we want to catch in the life of the girl after the bible story ends.